If you ever doubt the power of a megaton cinematic bomb to destroy a career, just look at Tank Girl and Lori Petty. Her resume prior to hopping into bed with a Mangaroo was promising: Free Willy, Poetic Justice and…er…In The Army Now? OK, but she was in Point Break. That’s got to count for something, especially this week.

Regardless, her biggest role afterward has been a steady reprisal of Live Wire’s voice in various Batman and Superman animated series. Meanwhile, Tank Girl co-star Ice-T gets the only thing better than an alimony payment every month (a Law and Order residuals check) and Naomi Watts has gone on to superstardom…but she wasn’t on the poster.

She’s also not directing an upcoming indie, while Lori Petty is, based on a script co-written with David Alan Grier, who’ll mug through the flick alongside Petty, Selma Blair, Jennifer Lawrence and Bokeem Woodbine.

The Poker House is a period piece set in 1976, supposedly set around a 14-year old girl and her two sisters, none of whom will likely be played by Grier. I’m guessing that Devo won’t be covering any of their own songs for the pleasure of Malcom McDowell, either.