WTF!Not everyone has the opportunity to be a fat guy and cash in on the whole "funny fat guy" shtick. However, CBS made the King of Queens’ "fat guy married to a hot chick sitcom" template into a twelve-tittied milking machine, and no one can be happier about that than Kevin James.

All good things must come to an end (or, depending on your Kevin James bent, all crappy things must become crappier) as King of Queens finishes its TV run this year.
Riding the Emmy-nominated wave of King‘s success, Kevin won additional fans in Hitch (wait- that was a Will Smith movie?) and will soon star opposite Adam Sandler in the upcoming I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry. Add another yukker to the list, as James appears to be cannonballing ass first into the toss away movie comedy pool with a new project: One Nation Under Bob.

Joe Somebody writer John Scott Shephard weaves the tale of some dude who finds out he’s inherited some land that happens to be a country. I don’t think I need to elaborate, as I’m sure you’re very familiar with what happens thereafter since you may have even seen it already, being that One Nation sounds like a de facto sequel to the Burger King/John Goodman product placement vehicle King Ralph.

I usually crap on stuff like this and the whole concept sounds more than tired, but damnit, I actually enjoy Kevin James. While his standup was uninspired, King of Queens was occasionally funny enough (and, sadly- too familiar in some cases) to charm me into giving his projects some benefit of doubt.

One Nation is currently without a director, but I’m sure that’s soon to change.

* Disclaimer: Kevin James crawling out of a Sewer in no way condones general CHUD support.