He’s back, he’s black, and he’s super-bad!  And if you don’t watch this trailer you’re a no good cad!

2009’s Black Dynamite has officially spawned a franchise and I couldn’t be happier.  Between this TV series, a one-shot graphic novel*, and Black Dynamite 2**, things are looking up for the orphans.  Pretty much everyone involved in the original film is on hand for this cartoon series and if the pilot episode that Adult Swim had online last year is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

So come July 15th let’s all sit back, grab a 40 oz of Anaconda malt liquor, relax, and switch over to Adult Swim’s Black Dynamite after Breaking Bad is off.  I’m sure Bryan Cranston would approve.

Source | /Film

* – Black Dynamite: Slave Island, which picks up right where the film left off.  It hit shelves over a year ago.  Now that I’ve brought it to your attention, you really have no excuse for not owning it.

** – Tentatively set to shoot late this year or early next, according to Michael Jai White.