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# 92 – The Shining

The recently re-released 1983 Members Only Sports Jacket featured an embroidered collar, 12 pockets for easy storage, a wool interior, faux leather trim, and chest slaughter.

The Shining:

What do you get for the telepath who has everything? Chest murder! After providing half of the film’s exposition, teaching you Danny about his "shining" skills, and then trekking across the nation to check on the Torrance clan, ol’ Scatman Crothers gets rewarded for his efforts with an axe to the lungs. That’s really no fun at all, and the resulting blade visit pretty much puts an end to Scatman’s performance in Kubrick’s classic. (N.N.)


TOMORROW: #91 (Hint: Splitsville!)

* – Reprinted from 2003