If I was the IMDB guy involved in updating the casting page for John Woo’s upcoming epic Chinese film The Battle of Red Cliff, I’d probably just wipe the page out and replace it with a giant neon question mark right out of Batman Forever. The tumult on this project continues to build and build as people are gone one day only to reappear later as if nothing happened. Earlier this week, we reported that Chow Yun-Fat up and left the production high and dry for somewhat shaky reasons. At the time, he was following Tony Leung’s lead, who departed the flick in March due to the film schedule being set for far too long. Leung apparently didn’t cotton to Chow biting his steez and decided to one-up him by coming back to the production.

What’s even more interesting is that he could possibly be coming back to replace Chow Yun-Fat as the film’s lead, because the role he vacated in March was filled by House of Flying Daggers star Takeshi Kaneshiro. Maybe Kaneshiro will be bumped for another part, and the game of Musical Acting Roles will continue? At this point, only Terence Chang and John Woo know the full story behind the on-set craziness that has plagued this movie. I’m more interested in that tale than I am of the one of the actual film, which is that of a big historical battle in China’s Three Kingdoms Period. Hopefully, we’ll get all of that juicy secondary story someday. In the meantime, the production continues unabated.