Ok, so today is Noir Day at CHUD, I guess. It’s a genre that I’m not too into, but I suppose it’s because so many of its conventions have become pop culture canon, it’s hard to see any individual film for what it actually is. It’s ass backwards, but what can you do? I watched many an animated Edward G. Robinson impression in Looney Tunes growing up long before I ever saw Key Largo. Still, it’s impossible to objectively deny the richness and history of the genre, and new people are discovering the source material everyday. Elijah Wood has apparently been a longtime fan, and now that he has the opportunity to produce films in addition to starring in them, he’s decided to make his first effort a noir film.

He’s teamed with writer/director/co-producer Christopher Peditto to adapt the hard-to-find-until-recently pulp staple Black Wings Has My Angel. Instead of focusing on private eyes and doublecrossing gangsters, this book tells the story of an ex-con who stages a robbery of an armored car with his partner, who happens to be a facilitator of fornication, or as we call them these days, hooker. If you’re wondering how an innocuous-looking lad like Wood would fit himself into such a story, don’t. He’s not going to star in the movie. Casting for Black Wings will get underway very shortly, but there’s no word on whether Glenn Danzig has been approached. By anyone.