The Hitcher cover
Dedicated to bringing you the latest in contest technology, we here at CHUD are pleased to present you, in partnership with Bloody Disgusting, Movies Online, Chortler, and The Student Zone, this chance to stretch your creative muscles and score some glorious swag. For this contest, you’re going to have to pull out the ol’ creative writing lessons, bec ause you’re going to get a scenario from The Hitcher and then have to finish it up on your own. Send your entries to me at with "THE HITCHER" in the subject line. We’ll post the best ones here on the site, as well as hook one lucky ready up with the prize pack (which will include clothing and disc media.) You’re gonna have to impress me, though, and I have to warn you: I’ve got qualifications when it comes to fiction. I read a book once.

Full contest rules follow!

The Killer is in the house — do you run up the stairs? Out the back door?

You’re trapped in a hotel room with no phone. There is a killing-psychopath hot on your tail — do you take a shower? Take a nap? If you’ve ever said, “I totally wouldn’t have done that…” to a movie, then this contest was built for you.

In the blood-drenched, action-packed movie The Hitcher, Sophia Bush and Zachary Knighton battle a hitchhiker-turned-psychopathic killer played by Sean Bean. In order to survive this terrifying game of cat and mouse the two road trippers must outsmart and outrun the hitchhiker. Are YOU up to the challenge?

If you think you’re ready, read the following scenario from The Hitcher and tell us what YOU would do. Be honest, be creative, and dare to survive! We’ll submit your answers and the most original, creative and entertaining answers will be posted on the site and score you a Hitcher shirt and DVD thrill pack! After you rack your brain, click on the links to see how The Hitcher played out.

Ready, set… let’s ride.

“Diner Bathroom” Scenario

The sun is scorching and sweat is dripping from your skin. You managed to escape the psychopath hitchhiker after he tried to kill you and your friend — but you couldn’t save the family he slaughtered.

Drenched in blood you arrive at a rest-stop diner. Your friend stays in the car with the father of the family, who is clinging to life. You rush inside the diner looking for help, but how do you explain?! You need a moment to catch your breath, and you run into the bathroom. The blinds are broken and through the window you see it: You see the hitcher’s blood-red, dust-covered truck. How did he find you? Your heart starts to race, your knees are shaking. You turn to rush out when you see a shadow under the door. Is it him?! Does he know you’re in there? You’re trapped. Should you scream?

What would you do next?

Write a few sentences on what YOU would do in this situation and then click below to a peek at what might have been. Remember to submit your entries to with "THE HITCHER" in the subject!

“RESTAURANT BATHROOM” clip (in Quicktime)


If you’ve survived one, can you survive them all? Increase your chances of winning the prize by hitchhiking to another scenario below. And remember never to pick up strangers!