Huge-ass and developing news to start things off today. A disgruntled fellow who goes by the name of MaddoxX has cracked into Valve Software’s Steam information and retrieved, among other things, financial data for the company, and credit card information of customers. So far, MaddoxX has yet to do anything more than threaten to post the credit card info. His statements on this forum make it sound as though he is holding Valve ransom. From the data he has posted, this doesn’t appear to be a hoax, which means that anyone who has bought something via Steam (myself included) might want to keep an eye on their credit card statements. Valve’s statement is forthcoming. DailyTech has a good writeup of the situation.

Everything else just seems to pale in comparison. Such as the PS3’s new firmware, version 1.70, which expands support for PS1 games on the PS3, portability of saved PlayStation data, and the freedom to use the rumble feature on capable accessories.

Here’s a link to a Sony press release detailing the games on their release schedule for the second quarter of this fine 2007-ish year. There will be more games released for the PS2, apparently, than for the PS3.

Just because I personally don’t want Clive Barker’s Jericho to go the buffalo way of his Undying FPS, here’s a Gamespot preview with hands-on information and some new pretty pictures for you to gaze upon.

Fanboys, assemble! Bethesda has opened their official forum section for Fallout 3. The developers there tend to take a moderate interest in the goings-on around their boards, so that might be your best bet for practice on distinguishing fact from semen-spattered speculation.

If you thought the exclusivity furor over Devil May Cry 4 was bad, just wait until this sparks: the Final Fantasy XIII project is no longer a PS3 exclusive. Just to clarify, the project consists of multiple related games, and it’s not entirely clear which games will be appearing on consoles apart from Sony’s own. Still, multi-platform isn’t Square’s modus operandi.

And, speaking of Final Fantasy, today’s last brief involves the Final Fantasy I and II remakes of ports of remakes, or whatever they are, appearing this year on the PSP. Both games have been dated, with numero uno hitting shelves on June 26, and dos comes out on July 24.