The 31st annual Atlanta Film Festival starts tomorrow night, April 19, and runs through April 28th. The fest has steadily been growing over the past few years, and for 2007 features probably the most diverse line-up ever. To prove it, we’re sponsoring two of the weirder films in the fest, and even have 40 seats for each screening to give away.

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 Raised in an environment saturated with prostitution, drugs and other deviance, it’s no surprise that the young girl at the center of Princess is a little messed up. Reclaimed by her clergyman uncle after her mother’s death, young Mia might just be too far gone to live a normal life.

Animated in a crisp, simple style, Princess is an off-kilter revenge movie appropriate for a month stacked with high-profile oddities like Grindhouse and Hot Fuzz. As Mia’s uncle learns the truth about her young life and mother’s death, he goes on a murderous rampage to cleanse the sins of those who have soiled his family…or to remove them from the earth, at least.


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 I ran a trailer for this, seemingly ages ago, and when I finally caught the flick I wasn’t let down. This is a massively bizarre collection of bodily fluids, family politics, fantasized history and competitive spirit. Three successive male generations engage in sexual proclivity, grandiose over-eating and obsessive artistry, each visualized in a way that’s like watching the fever dreams of Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

I could say that Taxidermia is not for the faint of heart, which is certainly true, if only because of the way characters tend to expel things from their bodies. But more to the point, it’s like no form of typical story you’ve ever seen. Fans of Gyorgy Palfi’s predecessor Hukkle will have some idea of what’s about to unfold, but newcomers should simply relish the chance to slip into a seasick family history that reflects an uncomfortable alternate timeline.


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