It’s been a while since we got a good old fashioned “Why in Christ’s sanguine loincloth would you make this game into a movie?” story, so it’s my dubious honor to report that Dreamworks just bought the film rights to make a Need For Speed movie.

To be fair, this is one of the ones that could very easily work. Smart thing to do would be to go with the plot to The Run, which was a weaksauce game, but had a fun little premise of a cross-country, 200-car mafia/cop-ridden street race. But really, any time someone decides to resurrect the old, 70s, lone car against the world kinda movie in the modern age is fine by me. Just, the image of some guy looking determined, expectantly at all God’s works, as the glory of the sunrise beams its healing light upon them, holding a copy of Need For Speed: Most Wanted, and said “I have my muse, and now I have great works to compose.” makes me giggle until I’ve aggravated my hernia.

That said, the guy in question, apparently, is John Gatins, who we last saw penning the still-bafflingly-great Real Steel, and has had a script floating out there for this flick all year. That guy helped make Shawn Levy look brilliant. If he performed that miracle, this certainly has a shot.