I have to admire Joel Schumacher. I don’t see how anyone could look at the finished cuts of The Number 23, Batman and Robin or 8MM and think, ‘Yeah, that’s the movie I wanted to make.’ And yet he gets right back on the horse every time.

One of his next steeds is a young grey mare called Inland Saints, for which Paramount will provide the stable, and we’ll probably turn into glue. (Ok, I’m done with that metaphor now.)

The script, pitched by Kurt Sutter, is about one of Schumacher’s favorite things: teenagers in love. (The others being nipples and midnight mimosas in Turks & Caicos.) I have to just quote Variety on the plot, because for once they’ve said it better than anyone else can: He’s the leader of a dangerous street gang; she’s the daughter of the detective hired to bring down the gang. OMG! How could Joel not make this movie?