Dear, Michael Bay. Make a Transformers crossover with G.I. Joe. Thanks, Rene.

It shouldn’t be a shock when I say I don’t mind the 3 Transformer films. They’re popcorn fun that I don’t take seriously, and at the same time get to see John Turturro onscreen being silly.

The 3 films were gangbusters in the cinema, so it goes without saying that the franchise would continue. It’s just continuing without the cast from the first 3, and it’s still retaining Michael Bay.

Bay himself says that even though there’s new characters, this is not a reboot, and that’s good. We don’t need to be re-introduced to the Autobots and the Decepticons. He also doesn’t shoot down the fact that we may finally get to space with the 4th installment. However, he also says the 4th one will have a lower budget. Most likely because of John Carter’s and Battleship’s disappointing grosses. That is most likely another reason for there being a new cast.

If anything, I want to see how Michael Bay will make a “blockbuster” film with a lower budget than he’s used to. Perhaps his movie with Marky Mark and Dwayne Johnson has taught him a trick or two about how to manage a smaller budget.

So Bayhem may go to outerspace, and I wonder if we’ll finally get Unicron albeit in a more low budget fashion? Is it too much to ask for a G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover? They’ve done it in the comic books. Well I’ll just leave you all with these.

source: Cinema Blend