KINGDOM COME version of Metal Men, which combined the group into simply “Alloy,” who I think gets vaporized when Captain Atom gets split.

Warner Brothers is known as the studio that has consistently failed to get any of their A-list DC heroes off the ground (save, of course, for one notable franchise that escapes me at the moment… oh yeah), but despite just now working to shove them all out there at once, they’re also skipping to the part where they make movies with weirder heroes. In this case, we have a not entirely official confirmation that it is in fact Metal Men that Barry Sonnenfeld will be directing for WB.

The director of the Men In Black franchise has teased before that he’d be picking up a sixties comic line and making a film, and today Vulture pegs it as DC’s shiny group of heroes that each possess the characteristics of a specific metal. While the group was most active in their own comics in the 60s, the characters have endured as marginal DCU heroes that pop up from time to time ever since.

Here are Gold, Lead, Iron, Platinum, team-creator Dr. Magnus, Mercury, and Tin.

Sonnenfeld’s focus on them as 60s heroes suggests he’ll go with the original “advanced AI robots” origin story rather than the 90s “human minds transferred into blank elemental robots” retcon.

Considering the studio buzzword for hero movies right now is likely “group dynamics,” Metal Men isn’t that shocking of a greenlight, and were Sonnenfeld in his original Men In Black mode I’d say he has an excellent handle on making great action kitsch. These days though, if WB knows what’s good for them, they’ll let Barry start up the franchise and then immediately hand it off before he can shit all over it.

via /Film