KinbergSpeak of the devil. Mere hours after Devin reported on Shawn Levy’s focus to deliver Hardy Men, we find the whole thing is being rewritten by Simon Kinberg, the man behind Mr & Mrs. Smith, X-Men: The Last Stand and XXX: State of The Union. From scratch. Thanks for trying, Mark “Herbie: Fully Loaded” Perez.

What I hope to see is the involvement of a bunch of criminals hijacking a tank on the streets of DC. The Hardy Men (get it? The Hardy Boys are all grown up?) will then congregate behind their secret fence to solve the mystery and save a husband wife team from being whacked by a bunch of mutants. Awesome.

So I’m not sure if this spells good news or bad news for the consortium of Levy despisers, since a rewrite will definitely open up a few months in his schedule. The studio is looking for a January 2008 shoot and a 2009 release, but while sifting through project writers isn’t uncommon, there’s few times a bevy of rewrites actually translates to something worth all the trouble. Add Levy to the mix, and there you go.