Biting off on a Scorsese flick is definitely the way to invite widespread scrutiny, but I have a feeling Raging Bull 2 has already gotten far more press than necessary, simply because there’s no fucking way this thing is more than a streaming/DTV flick. At best, it’s got the theatrical juice of the Carlito’s Way or Dirty Dancing sequels that came and went without a word.

Ultimately what I’m saying is this the American Pie: Band Camp of prestige sequel cash-ins.

In any event, a few stills — which look exactly as cheap and flat as you’d expect — have been released that you can check out below.

Good for the producers of this (and jOBS or whatever the Kutcher-starring Steve Jobs biopic is called) for tinkering with a sacred cow and getting more press than your average “we had the budget to land a prestigious IP but not make a real movie” production.

via Latino Review