’s the first thing you think of when you hear ‘priest?’ If it’s boy-raper, you’re probably not alone, which is why Isaiah Washington’s decision to play one in indie thriller The Least of These is so interesting.

Washington got a little extra famous recently when he called one of his Grey’s Anatomy co-stars (no, not the viewers, just the co-star, although I can see where you’d be confused) a faggot. Washington went into rehab, which is interesting, because if using nasty words and slurs makes you eligible for a stay at Betty Ford, I could get myself a lifetime membership. Anyway, Washington’s future on the show has been tenuous at best ever since, as the rest of the cast members saw a good opportunity to grab some press by denouncing the guy.

In The Least of These, Washington will play a priest with a troubled background who is transferred to a Catholic boarding school after one of the priests assigned there mysteriously disappears. The film is written and directed by Nathan Scoggins, a short filmmaker making his feature debut.

Rumors indicate that Washington’s troubled background involves scoping out tasty ladies in class and never even giving men the time of day. Also, he won’t be putting on no faggy cassock, thank you very much. That shit looks like a dress.