Levy continues to metastasize, reaching into more and more projects. The previous few months have seen Levy, one of the most successful and least talented filmmakers of my lifetime, getting involved in one project after another, seemingly insatiable for new directing gigs. The latest is The Seems, based on a forthcoming young adult fantasy novel (which is, of course, the first in a series. Does anybody ever just write a fucking book that stands by itself anymore?). In The Seems: The Glitch In Sleep, a young boy is recruited to help fix a problem in The Seems, ‘a parallel world where everything humans take for granted is manufactured and designed.’ (probably not in that order)

"This is such a visually original and fresh world, where memory, weather, sleep and things like that are created," Levy told Daily Variety. "I’ve been working with Fox to find the next major all-audience franchise, and we feel that if we nail the screenplay, this has the potential to fit that bill, with the same humor, family friendliness, and lack of condescension."

Actually, this is good news for me. As long as Levy is busy with nonsense like this and his upcoming Hardy Men, he’ll have no time to work on The Flash movie. He’s placing these projects all over the place, so who knows if Warner Bros will get itchy waiting for him to make movies for Fox and everyone else before getting back to them and bring someone else – for fuck’s sake, anyone else – on board.