Mia!, the McDonalds of stage musicals, is about a woman who doesn’t know who her father is and inviting three possible candidates to her wedding. It’s a family values thing, all set to the tune of multiple Abba songs.

The show, which has grossed a billion dollars and then some, is being made into a movie, and a couple of possible papas have been added to the cast. Colin Firth, still considered the Ultimate Mr. Darcy (not in that he’s been rebooted and has less continuity but in that no one has ever essayed that particular character from Pride & Prejudice quite as well), is one of the potentials, and I imagine that if you’re the girl you sort of hope that he is but also that he isn’t because maybe he could give you a romantic Mr. Darcy shag. Also joining as a potential is Stellan Skarsgard. Christine Baranski will play a floozy in her 40s who comes to the wedding.

Meryl Streep is starring in the film as the mother (she proved to have very nice singing chops in A Prairie Home Companion), while Pierce Brosnan is another potential dad. TV actress Amanda Seyfried will be the girl looking for her papa.

Mamma Mia! films from June to October in London and Greece and will make a bazillion dollars at the box office when released next year.