Were you like me? Did you cringe because of the shooting at Virginia Tech? Not so much because of the people killed, but because how this was all going to be twisted around to work against you and your hobbies? Sure, my heart goes out to all the people who were affected by this incident, but it makes me even more furious to know that people have already swooped in like vultures to see what kind of pickings are left.

The bodies haven’t even all been identified yet, but people like big mouthed half-wit Dr. Phil has already spewed the theory that video games could be the cause of this massacre. Violent games can help breed killers, you see, and Dr. Phil’s determined to help stop our society from getting even worse. He’s not the only person to open their stupid mouths before the blood had even dried. Among those who also spoke up against my favorite pastime was that anti-video game lawyer who gets far too much press already, so I won’t mention his name. It’s like Freddy Kreuger, you know? Stop repeating his name and eventually he’ll go away.

Video Games are public enemy #1 these days, more so even than horror flicks, which is a little strange for me as a horror editor. (Did people forget how violent those horrible flicks are?!) But will people ever realize the stress-releasing qualities of violent games? Nope, not until we have another convenient scapegoat, at least. All they think of is young minds being corrupted by these games, which I’m not afraid to say is absolute bullshit. Do you know just how big the video game industry is? Try and think of any friends you had that grew up in the last 20 years — how many didn’t play games? There would be many more of these incidents if video games alone were the cause… and fact is, youth violence has been on the decline for the last few decades. It’s mind-boggling to think that reasonable people can have so little faith in their own children’s minds, to be so easily corruptible.

One point that they’re trying to make is that video games can be a trigger. Someone who already has a condition like, say, the fucking fruitcake that Cho Seung-Hui was, can be manipulated by violent material and goaded into acting out their fantasies. That’s an interesting point, but hardly valid. I don’t even have to mention all the mass shootings, bombings, and other atrocities that happened before video games were invented, do I? Do some research on the Bath Massacre, or the University of Texas’ sniper attacks, and you’ll see what I mean. A psycopath is a psychopath is a psychopath, and anything could be a trigger for them, from a failed relationship in this case to a piece of burnt toast.

One big question is what the reasons are for these knee-jerk reactions? We know these opinions were made before the identity of the student was even made known, so why would you speculate that the guy was a video game player? (Ok, they knew he was Asian, but still.) The guy obviously had other issues, most of all seeming to come from his relationship with his girl, which seems to have been the catalyst for the massacre. But the only reason people would speak up so soon about something they had very little information on is simply to push their own agenda. Lots of people buy into this kind of bullshit, and I’m sure you’ll hear uninformed people talking about all the horrible factors that helped create this monster. Try and not be a part of this, ok? For now, let’s just focus on the real fact — over 30 people have lost their lives for nothing.