Raimi/Hobbit geekgasm news from a while back may have been juicy rumor, but Columbia seems to have
been listening to the fantasy yearnings of everyone’s favorite Spidey director.
Columbia has
picked up a script from Freddy vs. Jason writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift
and hopes to put it on the fast track.

As is the usual MO for these kinds of pickups (at least for a few months), the
title is being held close to the Columbia
lady’s bosom. The general plot has been revealed to focus on a jaded New
Yorker who finds his way to a land of fantasy (in the traditional sense, not 3
chicks at the same time), complete with a princess that needs rescuing from
mythical monsters. It’s like Army of Darkness, but different.

Indeed, if this is fast tracked as stated, expect the action to begin
post-Spider-Man 3 world blitz, where Raimi was in Tokyo just yesterday.

While the premise seems like a rehash of past glory, Raimi’s certainly
delivered on the whole “fish out of water battling naughty monsters in a
fantasy land while hooking up with hot princesses” concept before. It’s not guaranteed
that Raimi will be directing the script, as his Buckaroo Entertainment company
(which the concept was picked up for) has a slew of productions on deck.
Still, if he does and with Raimi’s maturation as a director over the last
decade, the film would certainly be something worth getting excited about.