I had zero idea who Tom Hiddleston was until I saw Thor and The Avengers, and now I want that guy to play all kinds of smarmy villains. He’s going to be showcasing further acting skills since he’s been chosen to play Britain’s answer to Hugh Hefner, Paul Raymond in a biopic on the man.

Apparently Raymond died in 2008, but his family has been fighting to get his life story told. Hey, if Hef and Larry can get films made, then why not this guy? I for one would like to see how different (or similar) a British porn magazine would operate.

Paul Raymond’s song, Howard, is saying the film will go into production within the next year, and then we’ll get to see Tom Hiddleston stretching his acting chop. It’s being based off a book of course entitled “The King of Soho.” The title comes from the fact that Paul Raymond bought up a lot of property in that particular London neighborhood.

source: Cinema Blend