I hate bringing you news where a tweet would pretty much have done the job, but this is one of those projects where our collective imaginations are going to have to suffice for a while. The reason is that the plot and setup of the new improvisational film project from Greg Mottola and Larry David is never going to be much more than an outline, so when we learn that Jon Hamm has joined the project we know only that he’ll be a “nemesis” to David’s lead. The film is said to be very similar to David’s HBO show.

Let that marinate in your comedy imagination for a moment.

Scant details to be sure, but the promise of Jon Hamm and Larry David verbally sniping each other is enough to get me in the door. Hamm is a man steeped in comedy despite his success as a broken, moody advertising man for AMC, and he should have no problems matching wits with the Curb Your Enthusiasm star and Seinfeld creator. Lest you think the actor is more like his dark Draper character than someone fit to lead a comedy, just run a Google image search for the guy and try and find more than one picture in a row where he’s not smiling!

I’m hoping for good things from Mottola here- Paul was the exact opposite direction I’d wanted to see him go after Superbad and Adventureland. I expect something more personal and biting this time around, though I’m still interested to hear what will separate this from being a particularly elaborate multi-part Curb special.

Source | Showbiz 411 (via Collider)