Not an hour after I suggested that “Spider-man and Batman could try” but there would be no better trailer today than for PTA’s The Master, damned if WB doesn’t make an attempt by releasing the best TDKR trailer yet. Subtly expanding on the imagery we’ve seen so far, the trailer continues to promise SCALE, still without feeling like they’re putting down all the cards.

You have to hand it to the PR department- they’ve put the work in towards making Bane feel like the right villain for this climactic conclusion to Nolan’s story. That effort has ensured that Bane’s coldly condescending “Mr. Wayne…” and his super villainy punch-grab-kick combo comes with the proper weight and “oh shit” effect. I also love that they’re still experimenting with interesting music choice and unique structures for these trailer. I love that this is a daylight Batman movie. I love Bane’s Wall Street assault outfit. I love how the riot scenes look to play out. I like that non-policeman-delivered humor is the stinger to the whole thing.

Ultimately, I’m just happy that such an anemic beginning to this campaign has slowly morphed into something properly zeitgeisty. Don’t you think for a second that records are done being broken this summer…

It should be noted this is a Nokia-exclusive debut, and that they actually have a pretty badass YouTube intro set up for it.

(via Latino Review)