I have a suspicion there’s going to be something very meta-textual in the way Paul Thomas Anderson and The Weinstein Company slowly draw us in with small flashes of charisma, beauty, and mystery from the director’s new film, The Master. When the film is itself about an overwhelming figure who manages to generate a cult around himself, there’s something a little bit eery about my Pavlovian drooling to see this film every time a tiny little bit of Anderson’s work is revealed.

Still, there’s no doubting Anderson has struck on a very distinctive, mythic tone for his films by which it’s hard not to be entranced. The first teaser for the film opted for a straightforward look at the unprecedentedly transformative work Joaquin Phoenix seems to be doing, while this time we get a better idea of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character. There’s also a glimpse of Amy Adams.

Spider-Man and Batman could try, but there won’t be more exciting footage released today- I can tell you that for sure.

(via Hitfix)