can believe that Benicio del Toro is a werewolf with very little prodding. Believing that Sir Anthony Hopkins is his dad will take a little more suspending of my disbelief.

Might as well get started on that now – Hopkins tells Rotten Tomatoes that he’s lining up to play Benicio’s sire in the upcoming remake of The Wolfman. "There’s also a chance I may play the Wolfman in London in a movie with Benicio Del Toro," said Hopkins. "My agent says it’s a great script but he hasn’t sent it to me yet… He said he just wants to make sure that the deal is all in but I play the Wolfman’s father in Paris. A wonderful part."

It’s weird when I feel like the casting of Anthony Hopkins devalues a movie. It’s exciting to see Mark Romanek back behind the camera, and Andrew Kevin Walker remains a strong screenwriting voice. And of course Benicio, as powerful an actor as any in the last few decades. But Hopkins will appear in any old shit that meets his quote – for the love of God, he made an action movie with Chris Rock.

By the way, I fully expect Hopkins to take a major role in the remake of Clash of the Titans. Maybe as Hera.