Chia PurseFew directors of this generation have exhibited the insight, skill and raw talent as Raja Gosnell. Known by his powerful works more than name, Raja continues to toil in the shadows of the art he creates. You may not know him, but you can bet your ass you know his life’s work, which includes Scooby Doo, Yours, Mine and Ours and Big Momma’s House

Raja is prepping to add another masterpiece to his tome with South of the Border, an upcoming talking animal kid-flick which will no doubt examine the complex and explosive immigrant issues vexing America today. The allegory will follow a rich, purse-riding and pampered Chihuahua who, while taken to Mexico, is left behind. No doubt after a night a of body shots and drunken beach sex. The hapless rat dog must then rely on friends (Coyotes and drowsy border patrol agents?) to get back home.

Sounds like someone adapts their screenplays with inspiration ripped from the headlines of Paris Hilton. And by headlines, I mean the 2004 disappearance/reappearance of Paris Hilton’s little bitch, Tinkerbell. Luckily, Tinkerbell did make it home, just in time to prove the worth of having an accessory that can piss itself on a dime.