Of all of the relatively new to Hollywood cast members of ABC’s declining yet formidable show Lost, the top two that people are dying to see what they do next would have to be Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly. Though they’ve each had some minor TV credits to their name before the show, neither has yet taken to the big screen in any significant roles. Holloway decided to remedy this by taking the rather predictable route of doing a cheap horror flick called Whisper, which has been bouncing around Universal’s release slate for months now and was slated for this fall, last I heard. Now, Lilly’s dipping her toe in the celluloid waters, but looks to be picking a smarter spot to do it in.

As she is Canadian, her first flick will be a French-Canadian thriller entitled Afterwards. Lilly will play a housewife in a problematic marriage with a workaholic lawyer husband. But things really get thrown for a loop when he meets a mysterious doctor played by John Malkovich who claims that he can predict people’s deaths. The film is due to be shot in both New York and Montreal this summer, and it’s scheduled for release in 2008, but only in Canada thus far. That means if you care about slotting her on your CHUD Babe Draft team, you can fuggedaboudit until at least 2009 or so.

Still, something small and homegrown like this is a good way for her to be able get into films without each choice being open to major scrutiny. I’m not quite as enamored with the cute, but box-shaped gal as the rest of ye, but I think she used to be one of the best parts of that show (and that she isn’t anymore is not her fault in the least), and I know she could make a very smooth transition into flicks once Lost ends it 5 (or 6. or 7.) year run on a definitive note and the cast goes its separate ways.