new investor’s EPK for 11 Colonels ATTACK! is finished and ready for battle. Though I doubt there are a lot of folks looking to finance motion pictures that don’t involve Most Valuable Primates, I figured the crowd would at least find something to enjoy in our little six minute video made possible by a whole lot of people from the folks we flew to Atlanta for the 11CA! summit this year to the folks who edited it to the people who are what they consider "above the line" talent. By "above the line" I mean assholes.

For those who aren’t aware 11 Colonels ATTACK! is the flick I wrote (with story assistance and drink mixing by Stephen Murphy) about a softball team’s fall from grace and subsequent return to battle their hated Satanic opponents. Of course, it’s much deeper and more powerful than that. It’s like Triumph of the Will meets Another 48 Hours by way of The Stuff with a little Goodbye Mr. Chips and On Golden Pond cross-pollinated with Cube 2: Hypercube and Uptown Girls. Except better. Way better. Actually, add Krull and both versions of The Vanishing to that grouping. And Superfuzz. And Angelo My Love. Anyhow, the video is below and features profanity. Like you’re surprised.

If you happen to have access to trillions of dollars, please don’t be dissuaded by my cavalier tone. We’d love for you to pay for the movie. We just tend to underestimate the readers. Please enjoy it and comment here after you check it out.

11 Colonels ATTACK! Video Presentation

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