you’re going to have to remake a movie (and following 300’s wild success, Warner Bros to remake Clash of the Titans), you can at least get a good writer on board. Like the guy who wrote Dreamcatcher, for instance.

I kid Lawrence Kasdan, of course. While that film sent him into hiding for four years, he’s one of the great modern screenwriters – some of you kids might remember him from cult films like Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Empire Strikes Back. Aside from Dreamcatcher, much of Kasdan’s output has been of the serious sort, with films like The Big Chill and Grand Canyon on his resume. But now he’s going to be penning the adventures of Perseus, son of Zeus, as he attempts to save the princess from the maw of the kraken.

There’s no director on the film yet, and Kasdan is the second guy to take a shot at the script. Kasdan’s been directing a lot of his own scripts for the last two decades, so who knows, he could be back in the driver’s seat for this one as well.

Of course I am obligated to mention that there is no way that a CGI-filled movie will ever live up to the charms of the original, which was the last movie on which Ray Harryhausen worked. But with Kasdan typing the words that the Greek gods say, at least it could be a well-written.