Title Weekend Gross Per Screen Gross to Date
1 Disturbia
$23,025,000 $7,871 $23,025,000
2 Blades of Glory
$14,065,000(-37.6%) $4,056 $90,195,000
3 Meet the Robinsons
$12,103,000 (-27.6%) $3,737 $72,004,000
4 Perfect Stranger
$11,500,000 $4,321 $11,500,000
5 Are We Done Yet?
$9,200,000 (-35.5%) $3,197 $33,004,000
6 Pathfinder
$4,800,000 $2,790 $4,800,000
7 Wild Hogs
$4,639,000 (-30.2%) $1,909 $152,243,000
8 The Reaping
$4,565,000 (-54.5%) $1,753 $19,763,000
9 300
$4,315,000 (-48.4%) $2,016 $200,826,000
10 Grindhouse
$4,239,000 (-63.4%) $1,612 $19,700,000
11 Redline
$4,005,000 $2,492 $4,005,000
12 Shooter
$3,105,000 (-47.0%) $1,628 $42,102,000
$3,088,000 $3,521 $3,088,000

So Disturbia hit it out the box, yeah? That looks to be a good $60 – $70 million grosser, and will play into Spider-Man 3. Paramount has to be feeling great about purchasing Dreamworks, as with their help they have the #1 and 2 pictures in the country. Blades of Glory is also doing very nice business, and may get as high as $130 million when all is said and done (though 126 sounds closer to right).

Oh yeah, I should get to the story of the week, shouldn’t I? Well, it was the story of last week, and that story is spelled -63.4%. Grab some 40s, ladies and gents, cause it’s time to pour ‘em out on the corner. Grindhouse is dead. It may have been the length, but I’m going to blame Rob Zombie’s trailer, which is the flat out weakest (yet still massively entertaining) element of one of the best times I’ve ever had in a theater. Damn you Sherri Moon Wolf Zombie!

Meet the Robinsons held strong, as did Ice Cube’s Are We Done Yet? These are going to be respectable hits, with Robinsons leaning closer to 100 and Done wrapping up around 50. There was some animosity towards Robinsons before it came out, so the fact that it, at least, didn’t get curbed is something. Pathfinder opened to less than five, and will likely be off the charts by next week, while The Reaping should close around 25.

Redline, Slow Burn and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon We Ripped Off A Joke From Borat Comma But That’s Also The Joke Comma Right Question Mark were non-starters. No real surprises there.

Wild Hogs crossed 150, and 300 hit $200 million. And that’s not a Superman Returns $200 million, that’s a half-naked-and-beefy 200. Oh, what did you say Night at the Museum? You made $248 million? "Face, burn!", you say? Well, 300 can take it. And it’s also performing strong overseas.

Next week offers three wide releases (Vacancy, Fracture and In the Land of Minge) and a film you may have heard of called Hot Fuzz.