You know how cool it is when you come across some weird, hilarious and all around bizarre video or site on the web? Remember when you first saw Mahir, the ‘I Kiss You!’ guy, and you never had to wonder if it was real or not? Now every other funny or cool thing you come across online was hatched by some asshole with an MBA in conjunction with some filmmaking types too hungry to realize they’re wrecking the whole internet with shitty commercialism. And frankly, no matter how good these viral videos are, they’re just goddamned commercials. Maybe you’re the kind of person who got caught up in California Raisin fever, I don’t know.

Anyway, the newest viral phenomenon on the web is the ‘Fat Silver Surfer.’ It’s a fat dude in silver body paint running around what I am guessing is Venice Beach. They’re actually pretty funny, but then again so are those Geico Caveman commercials but they’re still fucking commercials. Except those have the good courtesy to let you know they’re commercials.

Click here to see the whole group of Fat Silver Surfer videos, all uploaded in the last day or so. Maybe Fat Silver Surfer and Lonelygirl15 can go off together and have fat, lonely, shilling little babies.