While no deal is in place as of yet, it’s looking very likely that Sam Fischer and the Splinter Cell universe are on their way to the big screen. Developer Ubisoft is in talks with a number of studios but, according to Deadline, Paramount is quite clearly the front-runner to adapt Tom Clancy’s tactical-stealth games for a theatrical audience.

This makes sense, as Paramount is currently immersing themselves in the Clancy business. They’re gearing up for Kenneth Branagh and Chris Pine”s Untitled Jack Ryan Movie (which would be awesome were it the actual title) as well as an adaptation of Clancy’s mercenary novel Without Remorse. Cell is actually ripe for an adaptation, as the original game (there’s currently a 7th installment on the way) already has a pretty decent story. This wouldn’t be a case like Street Fighter or Super Mario Brothers, where filmmakers hang any garbage that’ll stick to the wall. The source material will do just fine.

Paramount would be wise not to cast too young here, as Fischer’s battle-tested weariness is something of a character trademark. Whoever takes on the Sam Fischer role would ideally incorporate some of Michael Ironside’s (who voiced the character until recently) gruff delivery. So watch, they’ll probably go after James Franco.