’ve been hearing about the ways the internet was going to change movie making for quite some time, and besides giving pimply nerds the ability to steal films before they open in theaters, I haven’t seen that promise borne out… until recently. It seems that some great comedic types have been turning to the web as a way to get some material out there. Michael Showalter has a show on College, and he recently re-enacted the infamous I <3 Huckabees tape with Paul Rudd as Lily Tomlin. Showalter actually has a show on that site, which now means I have a reason to visit the web’s lowest common denominator.

The latest to get in on the fast and cheap comedy longform viral video is Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, who have whipped up a very hilarious short about a man and his landlord. You can see it at a site called ‘Funny or Die,’ which is the kind of threat that I think makes it very hard to be funny.

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