’s why I need a CrackBerry: While I was out at a screening a scoop landed in our mailbox, as well as the mailboxes of many of our friendly competitors and colleagues. As such we find ourselves going for the silver when it comes to this scoop:

According to our trusted and beloved insider source, Laurence Fishburne is going to be the voice of Galactus in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

So that wraps up all of the ‘What will Galactus be?’ to some extent, as you don’t hire Larry to be the voice of a hive of robots or a big cloud or something (although you do hire him to deliver about seventy seconds worth of narration in TMNT) – the Fishburne  voice needs to be booming out of a big, hungry space dude.

Stay tuned for updates, but I do believe that this is yet another sign that this movie could be leaps and bounds better than the first.