I’ve been a fan of Richard Linklater for quite some time, despite only seeing several of his films. Like many a young kid, I was exposed to Dazed And Confused (saw it when I was 13.), and it wasn’t until years later that I saw School Of Rock, then blind bought A Scanner Darkly which I loved, and Fast Food Nation which is brilliant.

His 2 films with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, titled, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are 2 of his films I’ve heard of, but have never seen. Reading up about them, they sound pretty interesting. Both films are minimalist and basically just feature Hawke and Delpy. They have long conversations about their lives and it all takes place within the constraints of the titles. Before Sunset is even presented in real time.

Seems like now that 9 years have passed since the second one (9 years also passed between the first two) Hawke, Delpy, and Linklater have decided to give it another go, and close out the trilogy.

Hawke says that they’re gearing up for a summer start for the film, and he certainly sounds enthusiastic about it. I may finally take the opportunity to view the first 2 films via Netflix, and if you haven’t seen them, but are interested, you should too. (If you still have the service like I do. They’re not available on Instant.) So as to get up to speed for the last one.

source: First Showing