Here’s a nice tease for those of us looking forward to Hans Zimmer’s score for The Dark Knight Rises. Batman’s been good to our ears in the last 20+ years. Danny Elfman’s Batman Returns score has been on heavy rotation on my Spotify as of late, and Zimmer’s contributions to Nolan’s trilogy cannot be discounted. His Batman Begins was a perfect framing for a reintroduction to the mythos, and The Dark Knight‘s Joker theme is spine tingling.

You can preorder The Dark Knight Rises score from Amazon right here. From this small sampling, I’m really digging on Imagine the Fire and Rise*. What are your favorites?

*There seems to be an overreaching debate about whether or not Batman dies in this film. Consider the fact that Nolan has ended his last two Batfilms on jumpcuts to the title cards.

Source: Batman-News