JoyousIn case you were all anticipatory over the upcoming Martin Lawrence’s comedy The Better Man (as reported here), we’ve got some news for you.

James Earl Jones and Joy Bryant have hooked their actorly talents up to the comedy about a DJ (followed by his frazzled publicist Louis C.K.) taking a hilarious jaunt to the dirty South. Oh, and Cedric’s in it too. Sorry.

I’m breaking out my crystal ball to predict James is his axe-wielding alcoholic papa, Joy is the jilted love interest trying to get her life back together after a series of grisly murders and Cedric is the scrappy brother/pal trying to hold everything together. Or not. Just take away the superlatives in front of those descriptions and leave it at that. Except Cedric is more of a rival and Joy’s character history is more along the lines of high-maintenance reality contestant.

Better Man is being directed by Roll Bounce/Undercover Brother director Malcom E. Lee.