Folded.Everyone holding their breath for the first look at Get Smart can let it all out now. Nice and slow. Warner Bros has sent CHUD the first official pic from the Hathaway/Carell revisioning and…

…it looks like Steve Carrell in a suit. And Anne Hathaway in a retro-chic suit-ey thing. With their arms crossed. Not as exciting as Iron Man, but pretty exciting stuff none the less. And by exciting, I guess that means that it’s either a slow news day or Get Smart shooting has officially begun. If you guessed that latter, hats off to you.

The whole image looking, well, boring, is certainly due to the remake being set in today-ish 2008, as opposed to the womb of the late 1960s. With rogue KAOS threatening to ruin the nuclear club party with threats of selling off launch codes, Agent 99 has to show the comedically dumb Agent Smart how to get things done American style– sans shady intelligence or locales ending in "aq", of course.

Boring or not, I’m a sucker for publicity stills, so here you have it. Get Smart hits theaters in June 2008.