you might’ve heard, it’s been a rough week for The Weinstein Company (some little exploitation of theirs bombed), so here’s some much needed good news for Harvey and Bob: they’re alive. Should that fail to perk them up, there’s also this: it’s just been announced that Forest Whitaker is in negotiations to co-star in Denzel Washington’s sophomore directorial effort, The Great Debaters. Come to think of it, the Weinsteins probably knew this already since they’re producing the movie and all that. In fact, given the long-gestating nature of these deals, they probably knew about it before Grindhouse tanked, so there’s the possibility that they’re just as glum today as they were yesterday. But, again, they do appear to have their health. And, should TWC suddenly goes tits up, there’s always work at the post office.

As for The Great Debaters, Whitaker will be playing the father of one of the titular arguers. The plot is a period, fact-based affair concerning a debate team from a black college that lobbies for the opportunity to rebut the piss out of Harvard’s juggernaut squad. Washington will also appear as the coach who inspires the African-American youths.

Whitaker is scheduled to begin work on Debaters in May, which is also when he’s scheduled to begin work on David Ayer’s The Night Watchman. Damn. If I had that kind of work ethic, why, my house would be filled with the loveliest quilts. Washington’s film is scheduled for release in 2008, but don’t be surprised if it receives a limited, Oscar-qualifying December bow.