Bibb's BackLeslie Bibb, she of the angular-faced, blonde haired, button-nosed, Rachel McAdams pedigree of cuteness is moving past flashing hoots to Ricky Bobby and working out the birds and the bees on the dinner table to a couple new projects- one where it’s men flashing their hoots and jigging on the dinner table.

Bibb has been attached to star in the comedy adaptation of Legally Blonde co-screenwriter Karen McCullah Lutz’s novel Bachelorette Party. Bachelorette Party follows the travails of good-looking high school teacher Zadie as she’s recruited to loosen up her tightwad cousin in the days before her wedding to Zadie’s good friend, Grey. A little My Best Friend’s Wedding, a little Wedding Crashers, the plot gets all a-tangled as Helen is loosened up to the point of knockin’ boots with a dude not named Grey. In the mean time, Zadie has to confront her own issues, including her own boot-knocking desires for one of her students- a hairless Abercrombie and Fitch model.

The book itself sounds like an R-rated comedy and in the wake of the R-rated comedy succcess as of late, it might be interesting to see adult humor being framed up as "chick flick". As long as it’s not anything like that R-rated piece of crap from 2002, The Sweetest Thing.

the mean time, Bibb has also been signed to play a reporter in the Favreau
directed Iron Man, which is currently well into shooting.

Bachelorett Party was adapted for the screen by first-timer Matt Olson.