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# 97 – The Sand Pebbles

Though audiences were pleased to see the Tenchu video game being turned into a film, the casting of Jack Purvis as the ninja assassin left something to be desired.

The Sand Pebbles:

Really, the only description this image needs is "Mako takes the loss", but that would be shortchanging it. Mako is captured by enraged Chinese locals and strung up in full view of his ship and crew mates, including Captain Richard Crenna and mechanic Steve McQueen. The locals demand that the Americans barter for his life, which they do but start off with a paltry sum. So, the locals begin slicing poor Mako, and with each cut they make the price for his life goes up. McQueen, who has befriended Conan’s wizard, can’t take anymore of it and grabs a rifle from a nearby sailor and, at the screaming request of Mako, puts him out of his misery with a bullet through the head. (S.M.)


TOMORROW: #96 (Hint: How NOT to drive a truck)

* – Reprinted from 2003