You know who’s excited about the prospect of yet another Da Vinci Code movie? Accountants. Oh, and Jean Reno.

You know who has the power to decide what gets done in Hollywood? Accountants…and, sorry, but not Jean Reno.

Thus, it should be no surprise that the spectre of another installment of this much-maligned property looms large after the box office run of The Da Vinci Code. While it performed okay in America, the flick stacked serious, serious bank abroad, and once you factor in DVD sales, cable rights, and the upcoming Nintendo Wii tie-in game, Wario Christ, the inevitable sequel/prequel (The book that the next film would be based on, Angels and Demons, is actually a prequel) seemed to be a lock. Curiously, however, there’s been little word about firm commitment on another film. Ron Howard’s been circling a lot of projects, including a remake of the French flick Cache, for a bit, and no principals have signed the line that is dotted.

Until now. According to, the biggest piece of the puzzle, Tom Hanks, has finally agreed on what small island nation Sony Pictures will be purchasing for him in order to return to his role of Dr. Robert Langdon, the most passive protagonist in recent movie history. Now, with Hanks on board and the Akiva Goldsman script at the ready, shooting on this film will supposedly get fast tracked to a mid-summer start, with Gisele Bundchen a part of the proceedings as well. This is still at the juicy rumor stage, officially speaking, but that’s never stopped us before.

Start working on some (new, please) jokes about the hair.