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Previous deaths: 100.


# 99 – The General’s Daughter

The first publicity still for Turk 182 Pieces.

The General’s Daughter:

I think it’s very important to the blown apart TO THE RIGHT. Something about being blown around to the left seems amateurish and trite. Tim Hutton obviously knows this, so in this climactic scene of the cheesy but fun Simon West film he orders a three course DEVASTATION for supper and seems particularily fond of the "Bouncing Betty" landmine he sampled ala carte. The resulting scene is one of the few great instances of the benefits of CGI on film. Unless Mr. Hutton’s a method actor. Then he’s outta here for good, which pretty much ruins my hopes for him to autograph my The Dark Half poster. (N.N.)


TOMORROW: #98 (Hint: A Warlock is involved)

* – Reprinted from 2003