Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Convention Center is currently playing host to Licensing Expo 2012 – a convention that, in addition to having the least exciting name for anything ever, is showing off promotional materials of the hottest upcoming properties in film. Coming Soon has an entire gallery of images for you, and I’ve included some of my favorites below:

Dig the chest plate, the texturization, this is a good suit. Should look decent in Snyder's finished product.

Whoa, who let Tim Burton's costume designer in? I believe this is the suit for Jor-El (Russel Crowe).

Doesn't tell us much aside from the title.

Bruce was lifted right out of the Live Free poster. A weak Photoshop.

Is this our first glimpse of the new Robocop's thigh?

Nothing to see here, this looks like the armor from Avengers.