DragonsOn the press tour for his upcoming invisible teen movie The Invisible, David "Say what you will about me, I’m successful" Goyer, touched a bit on his next project. He’s stepping out of the director’s chair to co- produce (with Harry Potter producer David Heyman) a fantasy film about the "what if" lives of CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and Charles Williams.

Based on the book Here, There Be Dragons from the perpetual series The Chronicles of Imaginarium by author James A. Owen, the fantasy film will follow the adventures of three London boys who come into the possession of an atlas showing the way to all the fantasy worlds nerds would love to dwell. Naturally, they fight evil and their adventures serve as inspiration for the Narnias and Middle Earths the group would later create in their writings.

Goyer elaborates:

"I’m a fan of what I guess I would term ‘meta-fiction,’ and James just came up with this really wonderful device that [brings together] all these characters, real-life people [like] Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams. At one point in time they all did really know each other, so he backdated that relationship between them and posited that they shared some real-life adventures in another land that became the source material for all their subsequent fantasy writings. The land that this takes place in is the land that gave birth to Narnia and Middle-earth, etc., etc. So it’s just a wonderful concept."

I’m with Goyer on this one.
Here, There Be Dragons is being adapted by author James A. Owen.