While not huge news, I thought you might be interested to see the newly branded facade of the Dolby Theatre. The sound company has taken over naming rights of the facility after Kodak terminated their contract as part of their bankruptcy proceedings.

The shift times well with the company’s debut of their new “Atmos” theatre sound set-up, which brings a sort of 3D element to theater playback with a huge increase in exploitable channels of audio, as well as a new dense array of speakers that line the ceiling and sides of a theater. The first film mixed and distributed with such a soundtrack will be the upcoming Pixar film Brave, which will naturally make a premiere at the Dolby Theatre.

You’ll also be seeing the Dolby Theatre nice and gussied up come Oscar-time next year, as the facility will continue to be the home of the Academy Awards ceremony. I like that another viable, important film technology company took over the sponsoring duties, as Dolby has a nice ring to it and still feels appropriately relevant to the space and its uses. Much better than The Office Depot Auditorium or whatever. Do you agree?

Photo | Deadline