While he won’t be playing the flood itself, Ray Winstone looks to be nearing a deal that will have him somehow antagonizing the eponymous hero of Darren Aronofksy’s biblical epic, Noah.

In whatever form Winstone’s “nemesis” character takes, the actor will find himself opposite Russel Crowe in this big-budgeted boat-based blockbuster that has been in development for some time. There’s still not a ton of details beyond that, except that Jenifer Connolly might be up for the female lead, and that Winstone apparently beat out Val Kilmer for the role.

Winstone was one of the many fantastic character actors that took a turn as one of the seven dwarfs in Snow White And The Hunstman, and it’s clear he’s lost none of his tough-guy chops since his most well-known turn in The Departed.

All I’m saying is Noah better hand over his fuckin’ numbers…

Source | Deadline