...Interestingly enough, as I was taking a shower today I was thinking of Uwe Boll. Not in the way you might think of Jessica Biel when you’re taking a shower, but more in the context of crappy films and the guys who make them. I thought as much as the guy makes technically unproficient films, as much as the guy is shameless and untalented, the bastard is making a living doing what I love- making movies. And as I hop in my car to commute to a stress-inducing corporate marketing job, he may be making completely mockable junk, but at least he’s loving it.

Of course, being Uwe Boll, his sympathy was short-lived.

Boll hater website BollBashers.com has posted a Quicktime clip of what’s claimed as a segment from Boll’s upcoming vid-game adaptation, Postal. The image at right is from the short clip and it’s pretty apparent to see where the shock-value is going. Unfortunately, there’s no context other than a recent interview with Boll where states, "
Postal is perhaps the most hard edged and politically incorrect movie ever made. It is filled with racism, religious and political jokes, as well as lude sexual humor. The film Postal has no boundaries; nothing is spared or sacred. Audience members who enjoyed Borat or Team America will love Postal."

Somehow, I doubt that. Boll continues, "In Postal, we chose to send up every forbidden topic. We laugh and abuse all groups, religions and political parties with a sense of equality. Some people will find the film humerous and entertaining, and others may be deeply offended. On one hand we make jokes at George Bush’s expense and on the other we take the piss out of environmentalist, tree hugging, yoga supporters. No one is spared."

The whole thing really leaves me with nothing to say, other than I’m not really outraged, as I’m sure so many will be. It simply is what it is- a budget production trying to be comedically offensive. I guess that’s a cowardly way to not take a stand, but on the other hand, when you just don’t care to play into a guy who professes he’s some kind of avant garde comedic visionary because he can create a joke out of Bin Laden, a cgi plane taking out a window washer or a bunch of school kids being shot, you just don’t care.

For the full Postal interview, click here.