Johnny! You stinky sonofabitch!In case it slipped your mind amidst all the upcoming summer hubbub, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer is still on its way and 20th Century Fox wants to make sure you’re cognizant of that important fact. Which is good, because quite honestly, I actually did forget about it. So thanks to 20th Century Fox for jogging my memory via a new poster which is posted here for your accolades/condemnation (for the Hi-res version, click here).

Following the law of can’t leave well enough alone, 20th Century Fox has fallen prey to the "actors need to be in the art no matter how skeewampus it looks" syndrome. Why leave a pretty decent poster alone when you can gum it up with a slap-on of the Fantastic Four? Or show Jessica Alba as 90s Madonna? Or Johnny Storm in the flatulent aftermath of having consumed a Raging Inferno Burrito? Or Thing, showing his contempt at the misfortune of standing next to him?

Still, I don’t care, because as pastiched as this poster looks, it’s a movie poster and I love it for just being fiery, Alba-ey and Surfer-ey.

So remember, everyone. Big transforming robots, Pirates, Spidermen and oceanic burglars aside, remember: Fox wants to remind you FFROTSS will be here June 15.