Sissy.So I’ve got a pretty vast collection of DVDs (damn you HD!*), one that I continually have to justify with my wife, who insists to buy them I have to watch them. I call shenanigans, since the point is to have them in the case we ever meet up with friends who haven’t seen Children of Men or somesuch, whereupon I can shed enlightenment upon minds darkened by Wild Hogs. Of course, I’d never actually collect friends who’d stoop to that crap and I’ve got tripe like League of Extraordinary Gentleman and Click on the shelf as well, so as moot as that makes my argument, it’s the argument I’m using.

What does that have to do with anything? Nothing, except part of my justification involves watching one collection DVD every night before it’s lights out. Cue The Mummy, which I hated upon first watch but (as I’ve said before) have grown to thoroughly enjoy since. I watched it last night and have to say, Cohen and all, I’m looking forward to the sequel once removed.

As if by fate, this afternoons rumor mill brings news of potential Mummy 3 casting for the role of teenaged Alex O’Connell. Enter Alex actor** Alex Pettyfer. You may not be excited, but a million squealing girls in the UK are. Alex played Alex Rider in Stormbreaker (a UK Agent Cody Banks***) which I don’t even recall seeing in US theaters and had an even more unceremonious plop on DVD. Nevertheless, he’s a moppy blonde teen dream that looks like the other blonde dude from Eragon, so if looks equal acting skill, I’m a little sad. But then again, what the hell did I expect from The Mummy 3.

*I’m sorry HD, I didn’t mean it.
That’s not a type-o, so far Alex’ big screen roles have been named Alex.
*** Yes, I know Cody "borrowed" from the Stormbreaker books.